I love sailing. Like many, I started as a kid on my parents’ cruising boat and fell in love with the idea of moving over the water solely by the power of the wind in the sails. I also love navigating on the water.

Once my “real job” stabilized after college, I joined the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center and sailed as often as I could in my free time.   It became almost an addiction, requiring a “fix.”
Priorities under sail

After a few years of club sailing, I took the plunge and bought a boat. The learning curve was steep. I started with a 1984 Hunter 34.  I soon upgraded to a Catalina 400 and have had many adventures over three of the Great Lakes with her.

Like many of us who have been bitten by the sailing bug, I spend lots of time dreaming, planning, repairing, improving, and actually sailing my sailboat. Perhaps too much time. Probably too much time. Like many complicated mechanical things that are subject to wear, tear, and improvement, a sailboat needs to be “fixed,” too.

This blog is about both “fixes:”

  • Cruising and daysailing the Great Lakes, my home waters.
  • Improvements and repairs I’ve done to my 1996 Catalina 400 Mk I, Priorities.

A disclaimer: I am not a marine professional. Though I intend to comply with Rules of the Road, USCG Regulations, ABYC Standards, and general prudence, I make mistakes. If you wish to emulate some of what I’ve done on Priorities while working and sailing on your own boat, please be careful.

The adventure continues…